Building every Minecraft Chair, Table, Bed and Decoration I can think of..

25 Dez 2019
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Building every Minecraft Chair, Table, Bed and Decoration I can think of.. Ok, so I can probably think of more but this is enough for now. Theres some repeats, but should be enough designs in here to give you inspriation!
Thank you to Benjyman_ and PearlescentMoon for their help

  • He should do this with lamps

    Walking AddvitismentWalking AddvitismentVor Stunde
  • 10:00 um but I have Bedrock

    Katya BankKatya BankVor Tag
  • that helps alot

    Margarida BarbosaMargarida BarbosaVor 2 Tage
  • grian, you helped me find a great design and furniture for my friends castle in minecraft. thx so much.

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  • I love this video

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  • Grian is the reason why my buildings are cool

    dumb persondumb personVor 5 Tage
  • When you are to fat and sit on the anvil chair Anvil: Becomes slightly damaged anvil

    Anjula SinghAnjula SinghVor 5 Tage
  • I like how he says the anvil chair is expensive when there is literally a dragon egg chair right next to it

    tapwdtapwdVor 5 Tage
  • Grian anvil is expensive and ignores the fact that there’s a dragon egg for a lamp

    Mason MemeMason MemeVor 8 Tage
  • TIL the texture update changed the color of the end rod base. (Actually used a lot of them on a server, but I use Programmer Art.)

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  • If you put a rail and minecart on it then break the real and face a pistone on it pust a block on it push it you can sit on a chair in minecraft

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  • "2 legs and a top on the top" me: *uhhh no*

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  • Where is mumbos button and flying chair and iskalls annoying chair

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  • When he showed the hole in the bunk bed Me:you can put your cat in there.

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  • Omg, i only saw the second cat chair and i was in love

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  • Debug stick

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  • I just went in a Minecraft ikea tour

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  • ey it grain

    Carts YTCarts YTVor 14 Tage
  • Cries in xbox 360

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  • schrodinger's car

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  • You mean you can do beder

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  • (17:51) Well, guess what? You can put ladders on trapdoors and doors now :D

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  • try 2 trap doors with a rail between them, a mine cart and a door behind it.

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  • This is Minecraft ikea

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  • one of those isn't a chair.

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  • That chair... the big one... I’ve seen it before

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  • 22:22 Oh my god! It’s DomRao!

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  • Is that cat a rock

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  • Super helpful vid!

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  • Grian: *builds the earth* ahh, this will look good on a globe

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  • now i can decorate my house thank you

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  • This is good and all but where’s the diamond thrown

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  • Omg I needed this thank you 😊

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  • Alternate title Grian IKEA

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  • I just want to thank you for putting this together! I am using the furniture designs to fill my large temple in minecraft right now!

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  • 13:28 WOOOOO my favorite ;-)

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  • 8:03 this type of tables does not work on bedrock versions since the barriers are linked regardless of the type of wood they are made of. Also, at 8:34, It's the same thing. {Why is minecraft bedrock are doing this?☹️}

    theTopAdventure - MégaCraft587theTopAdventure - MégaCraft587Vor 23 Tage
    • And same at 9:53, and.. ok I don't say all or it's too long....

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  • You should do some more plz I love it

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  • So you build all the Furnier for ikea

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  • Hey Grian. I love your videos, but I can't watch this one because I get dizzy and a headache. Could you not wiggle your point of view so often and so quickly? I'd love to learn these techniques, but I can't. Thank you for considering the change.

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  • Whats under the hopper

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  • 8:55 haha!

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  • Scaffolding carpet signs and trap door

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  • Oooo

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  • *Thats What You Call Creativity*

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  • "thats quite expensive i mean its on an anvil" me looking at ender dragon egg that he didnt say was expensive even tho there is 1 ender dragon egg per minecraft world: O-O bruh

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  • Ah yes ikea the swedish empire

    Jonas AnderssonJonas AnderssonVor Monat
  • Finally something easy in Grian’s video....

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  • Iol Ps: One of those "L's" is a captiol i

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  • someone should make a game of chairs, and chairs evolving, like pokemon, but with chairs, and your a carpenter, and there are chair contsets, idk, i just think a game of chair evolving would be cool.

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  • Did you con a good house in beecraft

    Sarmistha MukherjeeSarmistha MukherjeeVor Monat
  • Grian says the chair with the anvil is expensive. But it is literally next to the chair with a DRAGON EGG, a bit more expensive and valuable then an anvil

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  • One day I was very excited to have my own minecraft survival world and I played for about 8 hours and then a creeper blew up and I lost all my hard work

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  • I like how this has 69K likes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • 69K likes xD

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  • 6:48 yeah I'll say you wouldn't recommend it because then you won't know whether the cat is alive or dead.

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  • Crismis is now

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    • *crismis*

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  • He forgot the best chair with snow in the middle and trapdoors around

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  • I would come along and smack that dragon egg and then Grian would have a floating chair

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  • 0:39 triggered my ocd?? Idk why?? I have pocd but I didn’t think I had visual ocd

    Lawrence CormierLawrence CormierVor Monat
    • cccccccccccccccccccccccccccecccccc

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  • i like your voice

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  • The arch made from vegetations is called hedges *thank me later grian* *i fink*

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  • 3:30 Grian: I dont know where this came from Meh: ya foof it came from hermitcraft season 6 in the sahara meeting room

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  • “This one is pretty expensive lots of iron” Dragon chair: Am I A Joke To You?!?!

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  • If i ever build something fancy, I'm thanking Grian.

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  • Wait. You forgot the...

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  • im surprised he didn't have more bed designs that used actual beds. I build 4 post king/queen size beds all the time

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  • 3:27 me: ThAT's A pOrcUPInE

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  • The last grand chair was the exact litteral copy of grian's chair in the meeting room in Sahara in hermitcraft season 6

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  • So grian what did you do today? C H A I R

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  • Dang this vid will help me make a city I literally just watched a 10 tips on how to make a city

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  • "I dont know what the pumpkin is about"

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  • So I made a big house but had no idea on what to add in it and this video help me sooo much thank you!!

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  • Can you please make a video on how to a multicolored house I wanted to make my real life house but I would have problem

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  • I'll definitely be using that cartography table desk in some of the house designs I'm making in creative mode.

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  • Can we get a world download please? :(

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  • 8:45 I play Bedrock :(

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  • how did he make the cat bed?

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  • He has copied from my video

    Curious World OfficialCurious World OfficialVor Monat
    • @LavaBlock Gaming 8000 yes I have uploaded my video in 2015,he saw my video and steal my ideas and uploaded it

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    • What?

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  • 11:12 messed me up man how did u get that to work so good lmao im over here tryna fit the doors on the trap doors theres got to be some magic you did to it :D

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  • Sood Oops good

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  • Grian : this is my ultimate house no one can hurt me if there.s monsters . Zombie : no way i cannot kill grian any more [ Cries ]

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  • this helped me a lot edit: lol im watching this 11 months later

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  • i love my cats!!

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  • 20:14 is it me or can anyone see the flickering of the pink and red flowers?

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  • minecraft ikea

    k sk sVor Monat
  • Everybodies goal: *home,car,money,health* Grains goal: *using the most expensive egg in the world to make lambs and chairs*

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  • Each block in minecraft is a cubic meter, meaning that each block is 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Steve being 2 blocks tall is 6 feet tall exactly, which means that the tall chairs are 3 feet tall. And that back is 3 feet higher.

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  • I'm building a dwarves mine and I'm not quite sure how to design it

    ThunderwaveThunderwaveVor 2 Monate
  • I have never been so interested in chairs... Teach me more 🥺

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  • 1:17 pewdiepie - CAN YOUR CHAIR DO THIS?!?!

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  • Grian: I wonder where this gigantic chair came from.... Me: Sahara flashbacks

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  • Make a video where you show us Some pets house and some others For pets please

    Devilgirl gammingDevilgirl gammingVor 2 Monate
  • The table with food doesnt work in PE and bedrock editions so all the PE edition will be sad we cant do so ma y hacks

    Jumbled OrangeJumbled OrangeVor 2 Monate
    • Learn to spell

      DemokuPlaysDemokuPlaysVor Monat
  • It’s IKEA

    The Backyard Adventure BrothersThe Backyard Adventure BrothersVor 2 Monate
  • he's talking so fast

    Gretta HarrelsonGretta HarrelsonVor 2 Monate
  • 18:20

    Ali ArfanAli ArfanVor 2 Monate
  • For the tables i have a great design with activated pistons facing upwards xonnected with either oak slabs or spruce trapdoor plus you can put stuff on top

    Silias PorterSilias PorterVor 2 Monate
  • Challenge: you are given a full inventory of completely random items. You have to make a random object in a random style, using only those blocks. Challenge: you can only use one kind of block (wood, wool, concrete, end rods, only things with brick in their names, etc.)

    Samantha WeberSamantha WeberVor 2 Monate
  • hearing HELLO MY NAME IS GRIAN makes my day better

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