10 Ways to Hide Your Minecraft Base with NO REDSTONE (ok maybe a little..)

20 Dez 2019
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10 Ways to Hide Your Minecraft Base with NO REDSTONE (ok maybe a little..) you heard me, lots of ways, some old, some new, to hide your minecraft base in minecraft. Some have some downsides, so choose which one suits you the most! There is some OPTIONAL redstone in these to make them better, thanks iskall for the help.

  • Red stone ➡️⬅️⬆️⬇️↗️↘️↙️↖️↕️↔️↪️↩️⤴️⤵️🔃🔄🔁🔀

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  • The bed trick is a lie!

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  • i only know how to blow tnt up (im a noob at minecraft)

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  • Just did the honeyblock trick in 1.16, people asked me how I got honey when it was rare for them to find honey lmao

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  • @Grian what you can do for no. 9 12:59 so you can get out make another pool but with water and at that base there's doors leading there and you can swim up to freedom

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  • Redstone is red, therefore it is bad. When I mean bad I mean aggravating... really

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  • Playing in a realm where everyone loves to mess with people. This helps me. Thanks.

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  • Red stone? Scary? Haha maybe for your base if I’m in your world. Base go boom

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  • Thx grain

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  • 10:00

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  • 7:32

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  • Noice

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  • Literally almost nobody is talking about Grian with a mustache-

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  • thank you

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  • 9:32 u use red stone...

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  • impulse sv but a secret base in your hermitcraft base

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  • But how to go out ?

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  • title- NO REDSTONE me- sees 4:20

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    • 11:53 also

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  • The first secret base is always my problem in minecraft. I always have to wake up outside in survival everytime my bed is near a wall.

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  • Lol I think I'll just learn redstone

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  • How do you get out of #3

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  • I’ll definitely use these

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  • So *“nobody can find your base”* in Minecraft Suuure you just showed us all your bases XD And if my friends have a base I will obviously find it since they don’t like redstone that much

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  • how do you get out of these bases

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  • Now I know if I ever played its him I ‘now how to put restone

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  • Do u like my pfp?

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  • Mostly if ya wanna enter these houses ya need to use glitches

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  • 14:38 long story short, the dirt block hidden house. Me: OMG I'VE BEEN LOOKING SO LONG FOR A GOOD HIDDEN HOUSE THIS ONE'S FOR MEEE!!!!!!!

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  • Wasap lur

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  • I

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  • Grain: and oh....that’s where I put that thing 13:24

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  • Every base i have is the one block swim in entrance

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  • Simple....easy......awesome

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  • I actually have a minecraft world and it has SO MUCH redstone and I have no idea what to do with it :/ *I suck at redstone and I'm proud*

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    • craft compass

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  • Among us

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  • 7 year old me in my single player world: interesting...

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  • This is so neat!!

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  • I love redstone haha

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  • Lets just appreciate the way he named every base

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  • cant wait to install my minecraft in loptop and i will build this

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  • Mumbo Jumbo:HOW DARE YOU

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  • Mumbo Grian 13:24 😂😂😂😂

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  • It looks a little complicated most people be like: Yo wtf are you some kind of alien genius???

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  • 4:22 what's that annoying noise

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  • But "base" ically

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  • Almost all my secret bases is the 2 blocks dirt... Hey don't blame me it's the simplest way to hide my valuables😂😂

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  • last one was the best🤣

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  • Him instructing on the specific controls to use on PC for this: "Right click, shift- (etc.) Me who plays minecraft on an Nintendo Switch: :') *dies inside-*

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  • 6:11 this is just a timestamp for myself.

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  • antvenom fans:

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  • for the lava one i like to use sighns for it

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  • You can make a secret base with door and panting you have to place a door open it sneak and place panting in door

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  • im not scared of redstone but i cant find redstone

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  • Thanks for letting me know how to hide my hostage

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  • I was watching this video..and I realised..I can't go outside the Hidden house in Survival

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  • 13.08 grass on stone????

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  • Grian: Redstone is scary Mumbo: Redstone is easy Me: Redstone is complicated (I can't even make an Afk fishing farm)

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    • Me: *sees a redstone contraption* Me: ..the heck am I looking at? I play on minecraft PE, I doN’T UNDERSTAND REDSTONE-

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  • 🃏🀄🎴💵💴💶💷💳

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  • Literally the most I've EVER done with redstone is attach it to tnt with a lever and blow up my brother's house.

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  • The only problem is that other players see my nametag :(

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  • Bruh for the boat base just remove the boat, thats all, so technically you've wasted your time

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  • My friends when they see red stone as the ore: Redstone!!! Me: :D My friends when they see the combo for redstone: O-O Me: Ohhh- *Slow-mos the vid*

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  • Me doing Redstone: ⏹↔️↖️◀️⤴️➡️↩️⏫↪️↘️⏫↕️➡️🔂⏬◀️🔁🔄🔄🔃⤴️◀️⏫🔁⏫↪️⬅️⤵️⤵️➡️⤴️⏬↩️🔁⏬🔀⏬↪️⏫↖️⏫↖️⏫↪️◀️🔀◀️↪️⬅️↙️⬅️↪️↔️◀️↙️↖️⏫↕️⏫↔️↗️🔽

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  • 13:38 It’s Grian with a mustache

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  • 4:15 Why Bother To Do All That Edgy Stuff, When You Can Just Use 2 pistons and a stone button to Hide Your Boat... ~~~Sorry, I Am Just A Little Bit Dumbass To Understand Your Little Bit Redstone

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  • Grian: *talks about stealing mustache and hiding bases without redstone* Mumbo: I have felt a great disturbance in the redstone

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  • I’m fine with the red stone long as no repeaters or comparators

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  • Base-ically

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  • very helpful for me thanks

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  • Minecraft tutorials be like oh it's just using a single red stone powder (off camera ) ok guys I'm back it only took a week but I've made an entire secret city only using exactly 3000 000 red stone pieces nothing much

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  • I like your friend mumbo jumbo

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  • Now i know why i got into a lava when i wake up

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  • I'm so bad at redstone redstone ↖️↗️↘️↙️↩️↙️↘️↩️↗️↕️↪️↪️↕️↔️↖️↘️↪️↘️⬇️⬆️⬅️⬇️⬆️⬅️⤴️⤵️➡️⤴️➡️

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  • I all ready new that teleporting bed when I was mining I just teleport in a dark room I thought it was a cave and I put a tourh down and I see it's the base that I put all of my valuable item because my little brother is there to ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

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  • the last one is the best. Change my mind

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  • I don’t even know how to use a repeater-

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  • When you say something is simple, it is, but if mumbo says something is simple, it is a 1000x1000 redstone flush piston door

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  • Grian: the redstone is not that hard heh haha you scrolled all the way down

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  • 20w46a onwards you can hide your base with powdered snow.

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  • It’s not that complicated Redstone: 1+=%#$(&*)$/4;$($8#7$*( = 3

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  • But its not that bad *shows us* Me: huhhhhhhh

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  • i unpaused this after a bee sting and i hear him say "be"

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  • These hidden bases u don't rlly show how to get out like the third one u did

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  • The snow is so easy😍😍

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  • Imagine you make the lava base and your friend comes along and starts making a portal over it XD

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  • What is that minecraft

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  • Btw you know it could be pistons + secret button

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    • For the boat one

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  • He said it is little

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  • I'm always mad on Redstone to make 5x2 door secret house

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  • This is the best video ever

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  • Anyone wondering how to get out of the bedbase?

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  • I ever make one secret base on MCPE, basically it's on some sort of a hill, where there were stones and Gravels, Basically with a push of a button, it would open the door by making 2x1 gravel fell and closes again, but I lost the world. 😔 Well eventually I make the door by seeing a Video on a DEhave about Fnaf doors by FedEx gaming.

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  • Grian why steel mubojubose mustash?

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  • I think the lava thing is papular I thought some of minecraft user do harder than that but it take me 4 hours to make it perfect hope you to

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  • Bed... just use minecarts

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  • 15:17 "I tried to keep this original" ALSO GRIAN 14:46

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  • I knew the boat one and the minecart!

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  • well i dont even know how to build redstone contraptions

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  • redst-t-tONE U Stupid Machine every single time

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