10 Ways to Hide Your Minecraft Base with NO REDSTONE (ok maybe a little..)

20 Dez 2019
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10 Ways to Hide Your Minecraft Base with NO REDSTONE (ok maybe a little..) you heard me, lots of ways, some old, some new, to hide your minecraft base in minecraft. Some have some downsides, so choose which one suits you the most! There is some OPTIONAL redstone in these to make them better, thanks iskall for the help.

  • Title: Ten ways to hide ur frickin base, no fucking redstone. (Maybe a LITTLE) A LITTLE. 12:04. Look at it.

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  • You are awesome

    Nathaniel WillisNathaniel WillisVor Stunde
  • I did the lava thing and I put venom stoffe

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  • Grian hermitcraft 6: red stone is scary. Grian hc 7: wHo iS tHiS G R A I N ? !

    RacoonoRacoonoVor 14 Stunden
  • Grian:red stone is scary Mumbojumbo:what? Like what? It’s a toy plush

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  • I didn't like dirt

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  • I think some redstone but cool

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  • I r heard grian swear 2 times in this vod Edit:Vid

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  • Mumbo: making a flying machine world is a 2 grain: I rate it a 9009999999

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  • Wow

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  • Xbox players: (-_-;)

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  • Who else noticed the floating grass at 0:05

  • Grain :if you'r like me and you find Redstone its just a little bit scary Me : when i saw the redstone 😲😵🤪😳

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  • He said the red stone is easy it is so hard 9:01

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  • The 1st one keeps happening to me in villages and i only use it to escape the ppl i raid

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    • Pin meh commenet

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  • I watched half of the video thats when i realized that I don't have minecraft

  • i dont even have blocks to cover number 10 cos ill forget i just have it open

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  • How to hide your base, super easy (mountain's base should be empty) Dig all the way down a mountain. Cover the hole with a block and dig out a little room for your base. Then place a ladder along the tunnel you went through so you're not stuck in your base forever. Then cover the top. Done leell

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  • Redstone is not scary

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  • 9 8956747475

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  • 3:56

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  • 9:43

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  • Grian: uses Redstone Title: NO REDSTONE!!!!!! Me: broh

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  • Grian : idk how to do this Redstone😠 Mumbo : pathetic😒

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  • 11:12, Don't click the time.

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  • Me: makes a secret base My friends: know where it is because of nametags

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  • I’m no hater Him:makes doors that have almost no red stone Me:making a hidden base with a 4 by 4 cave door to a futuristic base

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  • I actually hear a scary sound in grians hole the 1.5 thing

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  • you said no red stone

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  • 13:10 grass on stone?

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  • I made a house that has a item detector too. Except its simpler

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  • I like this challenal

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  • Why am I watching this when I'm god at redstone

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  • The og way: dig 2 blocks of dirt Me being a 2020 10 year old: I thought it was walking through a painting...

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  • 9:05

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  • (☆ω☆*)

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  • mumbo is crying right now

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  • Graibow

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  • I am very scared of redstone every time I use it either I get blown up or my mansion that I keep rebuilding because it blows either when I use redstone or my brother or my friend my brother didn’t really blow it up but he still destroyed it .

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    • Anyone who reads this have a great day 😊

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  • (1:07) If you hide your bed in a dummy base *has Ender Dragon head in base*

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  • I found out about the bed thing when I kept waking up outside my igloo

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  • Grian: there’s a little redstone, it’s not that complicated. My brain: someone please give me understanding pills, I think this man is a liar

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  • boat redstone tutorial: *waster ur boats* the lazy survival people: **skip**

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  • It is ok when you use red stone

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  • I feel like the water ways is where he got thw first mycelium resistance HQ

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  • 🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌

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  • Little bit of redstone..... Me: Oh Hell naaaah

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  • Your so stupid how do get out of the bases

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  • 3:20 extreme hills

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  • It you can't get out now

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  • He didn’t mention the pain and suffering u have to go to while making something under lava

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  • But how do u get out of u base?

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  • Did he really say "hoe did you do that?"

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  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk🤧

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  • Grian: Okayy here me out it has a littttle bit of redstone Me: Define "little"

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  • I clicked on this video Because I don't know how to use redstone and every time I try to use it I mess it up and I have to get my brother to help!!!😡😡😡😡😡

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  • How do you make the infinity room?

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  • I wonder how I can hide my name tag :/

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    • Sneaking is boring

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  • Nobody: No one at all: Grian: ItS a StOnE bOaT sAnDwIcH

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  • Haha LOL

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  • Haha LOL

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  • I,ma have to crouch

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  • You know, the only problem with some of these is that people still have the capability to see your name tag!

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  • haha BIG MOSTACH

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  • 4:19 not bad?

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  • Your so smart and cool 😎

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  • Grian :The redstone is not that complicated The redstone: ⬆️↗️↖️➡️⤴️↩↙️⬅️🔃⤵️↔️🔃🔄 wow look at me stealing things :)

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  • 6:10 for mee

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  • Make a hidden base in a hidden base

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  • 11:47 for the best base but there's redstone

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  • Just a little bit of red stone to get rid of the bout literally is two stories tall

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  • So cool man

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  • Yes

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  • Almost 6 mil whoooooo🥳

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  • Wait since in 1.17 powered snow will be useless cuz u can hide scafollding under snow

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  • 11:14-11:16 You can hear the cave sound that appears only when your submerged in darkness with no light. Described as a "devilish roar"

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  • lol 14:47

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  • *Perry the Platypus would like to know your location*

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  • EVERYONE: punch boat = break GRIAN: lava = complex redstone = break

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  • umuumumu

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  • I really like your videos you inspire me who do so much do you even inspired me to make a Minecraft zoo!

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  • can somebody do a tutorial for the honey block painting door?

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  • How would you hide a Minecraft game when playing in a console world where three other people can see your screen?

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  • Grian: only two pieces of redstone. the redstone: >^^>>

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  • 😐😔😐😔😐Wait what?

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  • Simple: Marked wall Silk touch pick

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  • At 4:54,you can just use a standard piston contraption powered by a lever in order to uncover a small passage to enter your base. No complicated redstone required

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  • 11:44 hopperminecart?

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  • Grian : Don't judge. Me : You don't have to. We all know it's beautiful

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  • Great mustache 😋

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  • title: with *NO* redstone! *uses redstone*

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  • I want to do it

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  • Oooh so easy

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  • How do u get out of an infinity room?

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  • liar

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  • *Everybody gangsta til your Netherite Shovel breaks halfway through mining your 2 dirt door and you can't reach your crafting table to make a new Shovel*

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  • The bed one does not work anymore unfortunately

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