1.16 Minecraft Nether Update Building Tricks and Tips

9 Feb 2020
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1.16 Minecraft Nether Build Hacks Grian looking at the new minecraft update build hacks and blocks and the creative uses for them!
#minecraft #nether
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  • It’s red not purple

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  • Grian:I discovered that again idea.... Me:I thought of that 2 years ago

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  • 13:51

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  • oh yeah ill just grab my spare netherite blocks and build a room with it lol

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  • Grian🏝

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  • Grian: *builds palm tree* Me: why does he think palm trees are not straight

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  • 1:46 you can use soul sand to spawn wither too! by just adding soul sand and 3 wither skeleton skulls then it's ready to attack!

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  • Him: Ghost Ship Kenshi Yonezu Fans: *sPiRItS oF tHe sEa*

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  • 10:00 Me: whaaaaaaat

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  • 3:49

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  • 0:20 *There is 1 imposter among us*

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  • Grian: makes wireless redstone A few months later: 1.17 comes out

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  • 3:39

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  • Who agrees ancient debree looks like a nether log

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  • 15:11 grandpa why are you here

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  • Grian: “So this might look weird...” Also Grian: “But you can make really weird buildings with the 1.16 update” Me: “Of course its gonna look weird if you’re gonna make a weird building, so don’t say “might”, say “will”

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  • 7:20 my sleep paralysis demon

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  • The building is at 3:49

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  • I already know the new blocks

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  • Never have I thought out of all people, would Grain discover something about redstone.

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  • Grian at 7:20 that mob you made with blocks is really creepy but a very useful decoration for halloween

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  • What is the general consensus on Netherite? To me it seems kind of disrespectful to the entire culture minecraft has had since diamonds were first introduced, undoing decades of lore and tradition. Was it necessary?

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  • Dang. Why you gotta play Dead Voxel in the background and hit my feels like that?

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  • The crimson planks are the primary colour of my fursona :D

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  • Can't wait for the next tips video to come put for the amazing Caves & Cliffs update! :D

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  • This is great for Halloween Decorations 😁

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  • You can get 10 blocks of never right in survival Mo is I have

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  • Video starts at 3:49

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  • 3:49

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  • the Polished Andesite looks like Iron

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  • Here you go 3:49

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  • You know this actually takes longer than it looks also the blue fire(don't blame me for stupidity) is like the blue fire from minecraft storymode

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  • He missed a vine

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  • I see a little face in the blue door

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  • God I can’t wait to see the cave update building tips

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  • Guys and grian how about an end update right

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  • didn't know Grian liked the Ood

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  • 3:19

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  • もっともっとストップしてもらってそれからね

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  • If anyone wants to skip here 3:49

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  • Lamp make good sound hehehe Grians Mind: oh that’s embarrassing ☠️

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  • 3:49 Building Starts Now

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  • I’m so glad he made this video, I Nether would have figured this out otherwise...

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  • You probably won't ever see this, but I need help on just building in general. I don't want to follow a tutorial, but I can't think of anything unique without subconciously building a flat, nooby, stereotypical house. Any idea how to get past this?

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  • I got red I got blue watcha want

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  • Tip: You can use the crimson doors as barn doors in your minecraft barn.

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  • I can’t believe that the nether update was so long ago! It feels like yesterday!

    kabir chaudhurikabir chaudhuriVor 13 Tage
    • I know, and now the cave update has been announced! Grian is gonna have so much fun with that!

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  • cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • everyone just take a moment to realize that this is the last video he has made that's not on hermitcraft

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  • Little did he know the cave update was announced

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  • *J u s t w a i t f o r t h e c r y i n g o b s i d i a n*

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  • I mean ya it looks cool but I always play on survival

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  • 3:49 You can thank me later

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  • I have minecraft

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    • Congratulations, do ya want a medal?

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  • when he said the thing about the great hall at hogwarts i instantly thought, "wow, those candles coming in the caves and cliffs update would be perfect for that."

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  • Im awaiting for tbe 1.17 one

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  • Im sad this video got 1.2 dislikes:(

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  • The blue wood is perfect for the interior pillars of a Korean Palace.

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  • imagine trying to build these in survival

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  • Still waiting for that nether ghost ship in the upside down.

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  • Use crimson wart as flesh

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  • 1:12 You could probably use the wraped stem as vines if you were partially colour blind.

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  • 3:49 (timestamp for lazy people)

  • I created a more or less dark factory with 1.16 blocks and farms.

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  • Do more tutorials plz I like them alot tnx

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  • Dragon egg: *is litteraly very valuable and exists* Grian: *Ah YeS tHe LaMp Is MaDe Of EgG*

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  • Aw man now only grian updated to 1.16! Nice

  • Diamond: *who are you* Netherite : *im you* *but better*

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  • 3:49

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    • Just makin’ a time stamp for people

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  • Hi

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  • Dragon egg: only one in every Minecraft world. Grian: LAMP

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  • If you look closely to the blue door it looks like a squid

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  • "practically speaking" so no 50 stacks of netherite blocks for mega builds :(

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  • 10:03

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  • Grain:well how do these colors Mach Me: I mean your Grain

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  • The biggest fan going to become a DEhaver always wanted to join the hermit craft server

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  • Sorry i came late 3:46

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  • 😥🥵😤😤😤😨🤯🤗🤯🤗

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  • You should use that chimney in your hermitcraft mansion!

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  • Nether update transformations plz

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  • You have way too much free time

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  • Grain: Makes a tree of ancient debris Me: more the ancient de-tree

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  • Bro I was watching Hermitcraft and i got to the last episode an then Grian just says what hes going to do in the season XD.

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  • Love that fireplace!!

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  • The doors eyes follow you 10:19

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  • Blackstone make a stone tool ?

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  • Grain: I think we'll be seeing some building with netherite blocks Everyone in the future: Nope

  • I’m one of those people that love building colorfully so the new crimson tree and warped tree are blessings to me

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  • Wow

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  • Dude, you are so talented and amazing at putting things together that work well. Great work

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  • we need the SMOOTH ancient debris

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  • dude that ghost ship needs like an actual River Styx like a black water

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  • Imagine 1.16 on the hermetcraft server

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  • Ya I feel like your favorite block is basalt

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  • 3:49 thank me later

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  • Or the ship you can build (which I'm so doing when i rebuild the Vasa) is the Flying Dutchman

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  • 0.0 that house is so good! also, why don't you do vids like this anymore? they are gr8!!!

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  • 8:27

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