1.15 Minecraft Bee Hive Build Hacks

31 Aug 2019
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1.15 Minecraft Bee Hive Build Hacks grian is back with more build hacks or building tricks and tips this time looking at the latest snapshot and the two new blocks.
Massive thank you to PearlescentMoon for her help with the designs on this video: dehave.info/baby/1GJ5aeqpEWklMBQ3oXrPQQ.html

  • XD "I'm Marry Poppins Y'all!"

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  • I really liked the mailbox design!

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  • The bee man was my favorite like so grian can balive

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  • notice how grian says "Moving on to the next one." twice?

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  • You can also use them as cabinets and drawers! 4:18

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  • when *b e e s* come out of your lamp

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  • He's marry poppins y'all!!!

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  • Grian trying to be a country boy: "I'm Mary Poppins Y'ALL."

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  • Y You all did👎 this channel it's so 😎

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  • Hi you are an amazing builder your videos are going to help me improve my build so much. Thank you

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  • I'm merry popens yoal

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  • So he considers bees as blocks?

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  • .

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  • HIPPIE GRIAN Oh how i remember a few months ago

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  • Yay

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  • The huge beehive was my favorite

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  • I didn’t know Grian was a Marvel fan

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  • 7:32 you don't really need to cover up the little hole bc it kinda looks like draws so I'm going to use it as a desk top in my wooden hose I fink it wood look nice with spruce wood (my house) in a kinda spruce wood forest next to a I think it's some thing like a snow village?!

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    • 11:49 uh was that meant to BEE a joke 😂

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  • cool everyroom in a beehive we get stunned

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  • Everybody gangsta till grian has bees

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  • Bee Hive top texture

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  • The top of a bee nest looks like a pineapple tbh

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  • Oh yes the 🄱🄴🄴🅂 𝑚𝑦 𝑓𝑎𝑣𝑜𝑟𝑖𝑡𝑒 𝑏𝑙𝑜𝑐𝑘 :)

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  • Players: Cave update! Mojang: *T H I C C B E E S*

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  • 2 references at the same time WUT

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  • But Grian, of course It's a bug, they're bees! (Now i'm dead inside.)

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  • It’s 1.16 the nether update

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  • Use chains bro

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  • It’s a beeloon! Get it?

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  • Bee man!! 😂🤣😅

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  • anybody else see the face in the bee hive

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  • Nice videos grain

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  • The bed looks pretty cool once you get over the fact that you're sleeping on top of beehives.

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  • So lamp again.

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  • The beehive can also be an block with gunshots

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  • for somebody to get electrecuted you could put command blocks with the /smite @p command

  • so I finally got myself a bee hive Grian: *wol*

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  • ᴏʜ ɴᴏ

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  • could you do tutorials about those vans and trucks where are those "boxes"

    nakki-naattorinakki-naattoriVor 5 Monate
  • if you put a trapdoor on the front of the letter box, it could sort of open.

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  • Wait bees are blocks

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  • Bees OwO

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  • Netherite is suppost to added🙁

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  • ..... What wha ........

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  • Look at all my lamps

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  • truk

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  • I like your builds!

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  • Use beehive on a dragon egg.

  • And you even dressed yourself as Mary Poppins XD

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  • Batman: who are you? Beeman: i'm bee man Batman: there can only be one!

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  • You can't leash Bees

    Jeremy BrownJeremy BrownVor 6 Monate
  • 8:30 the last tree

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  • I really like the Beeman, along with the moving truck you made.

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  • 7:20 "Moving on to the next one, Moving on to the next one."

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  • Grian:a buzzing a very faint buzzing The same words I said when I entered the house with bee hives as lamps,floors etc...

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  • Why is 80% of my house BEE HIVES

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  • Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssse

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  • "chest of drawers was one of the first things that came to mind when i looked at this bee hive" take that out of context haha

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  • you mean "5 MILLION subscribe road!!" congrats!!

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  • Talking about bee nest Grian: Strange holes Bees: Front doors

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  • 11:19 “I don’t know I this is a bug”. Yes. It’s a bee.

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  • HIPPIE GRIAN!!!!🌷🌱☘️💐🌞🌎


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  • You can use Bee Nests to make *Bee Nests.*

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  • Why do you have a flower on your head you looks like a girl

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  • BEE MAN!!!!

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  • anybody else prepering for the 1.16 building build hacks?

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  • I love the bee balloons

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  • Why do Minecraft blocks that have nothing to do with building have better matching color pallets than the sims 4

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  • I like the bee nest table, it is very simplistic but amazing

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  • Yasss Grian love the Minecraft build hacks do more please!

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  • 0:48 did he just-

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  • Bee Man easily

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  • What about a bread box? On a counter!

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  • Grain johin me on Minecraft I'll bild a house & you dacoret the house and thee me

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  • It’s bee man! Me: pff

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  • Bees:(exist) Grian: *blame it on the man in the bee costume*

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  • 4:41 it looks like Grians storage area

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  • I liked the desk

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  • I have Grian for building and Mumbo for redstone and I'm still rubbish at Minecraft

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  • Ya like Jazz

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  • Any1 notice the moving on to the next 1 x2

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  • জথজৃড্রজফনজফনঘফছঝহ্ঝঠঝঠজনঠফছঝডৈঝাডৃজ্রফন্ঘেডৃঠূঠধপ্রজৃঠৃওওঠ্রজঠধফনবন্ডিআএএউড্

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  • 11:20 Yes. A bee is a bug 😂

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  • I'm Mary Poppins y'all -grian

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  • Add kids to mine craft that can move an change its skin

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  • You can use a bee nest to make a bee nest -Grian 2019

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  • All-beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-it

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  • 1 Like=one fan for bee man

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  • too bad the bee hives are BEE HIVES

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  • Brian.has a flower Bees: peace was never a opinion

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  • Bee man yessssss

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  • He said bug

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  • Hehe bug

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  • i like them all

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  • So you know that small space in corner stairs well I think that space should be craftable

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  • Omg these are the best buold idea's

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  • Hi grain

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  • the bees help in the growing of crops by speeding their growth, which makes it much easier to make WHOLE GRIAN bread.

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